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The Importance of the Business Mentor

Would you jump into the deep end of the pool without first having an experienced swimmer teach you the basics of survival in water? Would you head for the steep slopes of Aspen or Breckenridge without first asking a professional to recommend the best equipment for the skiing conditions you are likely to encounter? Of course not! Failure to seek and heed the advice of those who have been there, done that, and experienced these situations can be life saving or at the least prevent you from going under – literally as well as figuratively. The same is true for the business mentor.

Why would a newbie enter the world of business without seeking out the help, advice, and guidance of an experienced business mentor who has already tread where the newbie is seeking to tread, and failed where the newbie might be able to learn from the experience of another and thus be spared the failure? The answer is simple: a misguided understanding of personal business acumen and a failure to realize that a business mentor is easier to find than one might have imagined!

Granted, for the newbie is might appear to be a lot of extra work to go out and seek out that individual business person, but all things considered, this time and effort is an upfront investment in the health and wellness of the business! Yet even here there is still room for error! Too often the importance of the business is understood but the acting upon that understanding is flawed. Instead of looking for the business man or woman who is ahead of the person in the business and who is willing to take them under their wings and teach them everything they know about the business, the newbie might be looking for the casual acquaintance that might have an opinion or two on business.

Sure, these individuals have some great advice in store and can make a lot of difference in the start up of a new business, but ultimately they do not offering the business mentor relationship. Instead, they are called upon in a strict question and answer kind of relationship where the business newbie may approach them in times of need, while at other times she or he will be working on their own. The business mentor, on the other hand, anticipates needs and questions before they even occur and therefore it is not at all surprising to find that individual seeking out interaction with the business newbie throughout the week or month, even if there is no pressing business problem.

This underlines the difference in the relationship between the casual business advisor and the bona fide business mentors who will make it part of their business to see another business person succeed from the ground up. No new business owner can succeed without such a mentor and once you find yourself at the top of your game, remember how you go there and then offer up your services as a business mentor yourself!

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Are There Any Self Employment Taxes?

If you are thinking about working for yourself or if you recently started working for yourself you might be wondering if there any special self employment taxes that you have to pay when you quit your job to become self employed. In fact there are self employment taxes that need to be paid. Even if you are self employed you still need to pay taxes so that you are paying into the Social Security and Medicare systems in case you ever want to get money from Social Security or health care from Medicare.

It’s not two separate self employment taxes that have to be paid; it’s just one self employment tax that is 15% of your self employment earnings. So you’ll need to pay self employment taxes at the end of the year just like income taxes if you work for yourself. Self employment taxes are usually not that bad to have to pay especially if you are smart and start saving money early to pay your taxes at the end of the year. Most people who are self employed save a certain percentage of their income each month and set it aside to pay their taxes at the end of the year so that they don’t get stuck with a tax bill that might thousands of dollars.

It makes a lot of sense to pay your self employment taxes that way so if you are thinking about becoming self employed or if you are self employed you should start setting aside money every month for your end of the year tax bill. Self employment taxes and business taxes might seem kind of confusing when you first out being self employed but they’re not as scary as they seem. If you are someone that gets confused easily by convoluted tax law of if you don’t do well with math then you should probably think about hiring a tax professional to do your taxes for you at the end of the year. There are plenty of tax professionals that specialize in doing self employment taxes and small business taxes so it won’t be too hard to find a certified tax professional who can make sure that your taxes are done correctly. You can save a lot of money on your self employment taxes when you hire a professional to file them for you because a tax professional will know all the ins and out of the tax code and how to get you all the tax write offs that you’re entitled too. If you haven’t done your own taxes before and this is the first year that you have to file self employment taxes hiring an expert to file your taxes is definitely a smart thing to do.

If you want to learn more about self employment taxes you can take an online course and get certified in doing self employment taxes and then you can do your own self employment taxes every year. You might even be able to pick up extra work around tax time doing self employment taxes for friends that are self employed.

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Meat and Potatoes for Your Affiliate Diet

by Tom Kulzer (AWeber CEO)

Think of banner ads as the spice in your affiliate diet. Sprinkle them around, but for a heartier helping of sales, you’ll need something more solid! Learn to give your visitors longer, more descriptive pre-sales text. Revamp your affiliate advertising using these simple steps:

Pull the Reader in
Introduce the Product
Explain the Product’s Significance
Tell the Reader to Make a Purchase

Pull the Reader in
To convince your audience that your text is worth reading, make your first sentence or two very interesting. Make a bold statement, say something seemingly ridiculous, or appeal to your prospect’s emotional side. Then, tie this grabber in with the rest of your copy.

Introduce the Product
What is the product you’re advertising? What does it do? Directly after your grabber, give a compact explanation of your product. Keep this explanation short, while still being very clear. This should still be a very short section of your text.

Explain the Product’s Significance
What will it do for me?

By writing your own copy, you can directly target your unique audience. Make the most of this opportunity! Clearly explain how your readers will benefit from this product.

No one knows your audience like you do. Suggest a variety of product uses just for them, and give examples. This is the time for details - make this section long and rich.

Tell the Reader to Make a Purchase
You’ve come so far - you’ve laid out exactly what the product is and how it will help your unique audience. Now, seal the deal - tell your readers to purchase the product! Include your affiliate link in this section.

This step may sound strange, but it’s necessary. Often, people hear about a product and are genuinely interested, but fail to actually make a purchase. A clear call to a simple action cuts down on buyer ambivalence. Don’t be pushy - just change your verb tenses to the imperative. Instead of:

“If you think that you fit this profile, you might want to think about buying this product.”

Say: “Click here to order an account today.”

Drive Sales - Use Long Copy

If you don’t feel ready to write long copy yourself, ask your affiliate program manager for help! Many companies release well-written articles by respected authors that you can reprint free of charge.

The novelty of the Web is wearing off. People online now are busy. Surfers won’t make a purchase unless you make a great case for what they’ll get out of it. And you’re not going to do that with just a banner ad.

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