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The "Must Have" Skill

We've got about a month left in 2007, so let's get to work, change
other's lives, change OUR lives, and make some money. 2008 is going to be your best year ever if I have anything to do with it.

If you want to triple your income this year and finally take
control of your financial destiny, then I highly recommend you do
everything I say.

Successful entrepreneurs are eager students. I know I am, and as of
today, the new school semester is officially in session.

Let's go ahead and assume we're getting a fresh start for the new

Back to day one as an entrepreneur...

What's going to serve as your foundation?

What do you need to know more than anything else that will affect
every aspect of your business from this day forward?

What's the one skill that will have more of an impact on your
income and the number of distributors your sponsor... the one skill
that will give you complete power over the fate of your entire
business... the one skill that you simply cannot move forward in any
fashion without?

Well it's not your phone skills, it's not Google Adwords, it's not
SEO, and it's not YouTube...

It's the un-sexy, un-assuming, 11-letter word that spells


Here's why copywriting has such an impact...

This business is all about leverage... By the very definition of
"M.L.M", our compensation plans are structured to pay a small
percentage of production, on a large number of people. We get to
leverage the actions and results of many.

Well in order to build an organization of many, you have to be able
to leverage yourself as the builder of the business.

Brad Pitt makes as much money as he does because he has millions of
TV commercials, (marketing machines), selling his movies for him.

Successful networkers do the same thing. They aren't handing out
fliers one-at-time to strangers, or holding meetings with 10 people
in a room. They have 1000's of pay-per-click ads promoting their
opportunity for them to 1000's of people around the world 24/7.
They have auto responder messages that build relationships, and
sell their products for them, automatically whether they're at work
or on the beach.

Sales letters never complain. They never call in sick. They never
quit, and they always give a PERFECT presentation.

Could you imagine if Brad Pitt had to call people by phone and
persuade them to go see his movie?

You'd probably think he was crazy right?

We'll isn't that what most networkers are doing? Calling all of
their leads one at a time to persuade them to join their

Scary huh!?

You need to talk to 5,000 leads at once through a medium such as a
letter, video, or email, and let the interested people raise their
hands and come to you, and COPYWRITING is what allows you to do that effectively.

And you probably do that some of that stuff now in one way or
another...You probably have an email autoresponder, and you probably do some kind of advertising.


There's a very good chance that you're not getting the kind of
results you think you should...

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked by distributors to
show them how to write an autoresponder series that will get their
prospects salivating with desire to call them and get started,
credit card in hand.

Their emails simply don't produce that kind of reaction and they
can't figure out why.


Same goes for writing Google ads and sales letters. Some produce
leads, distributors, and sales like a champ, while others

And the difference between the two is what we're talking about... The
skill of copywriting... the magic fairy-dust sprinkled on top of
written words that turn them into a living, breathing sales person
that recruits and makes money for you.

You can't just write a sales letter and call yourself a copywriter,
any more than you could recite some lines from a movie and call
yourself an actor. Like everything else in life, it's a skill set
that requires some study.

But thankfully, there are some short-cuts you can take. You don't
have to reinvent the wheel here, and you wouldn't want to.

Some great resources I highly recommend are Dan Kennedy's book,
"The Ultimate Sales Letter" which you can buy at Barnes And Nobles
or Amazon for about $15.00.

Another "must read", is "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins.
This is one of the oldest/best books every written on the topic and
I'd like to give you a free copy. You can click here to download it
right now....

Finally, (and most importantly), you'll want to study and learn
from the individuals who are already in your market, and producing
big results with their copy.

People who know what works and who literally earn a living writing
copy are the best ones to learn from. Here's the web page:

This guy is AMAZING when it comes to writing letters and websites
that get your prospects to whip out their wallets and BUY, and his
under-the-radar style is perfect for the over-hyped networking

So to recap, I consider this skill the foundation for you entire

You've got to learn how to write effective copy because you need to...

- Write ads that generate traffic
- Write capture pages that produce leads
- Write a sales letter that sells your opportunity for you.
- Write an email series that gets your leads to call you.
- Write training emails that motivate your team to take action
- And so on...

What in the world are you going to do if you don't learn this skill?

I know... You'll be stuck buying leads and dropping business cards in
bathrooms like everyone else.

Anyway... Enough of my rant for today.

This is my biggest piece of advice for turning 2008 into your
break-out year.

Don't miss it:

Fresh Leads Versus Aged Leads- The Verdict Is Still Out

You are excited! You just started up your networking business and you are ready to launch your business to the world by purchasing a list of leads of people that are hopefully just as excited about a life without financial woes and time freedom as you are and then it hits you…$4.00 a lead. Ouch!

You quickly calculate that it will cost you $400 to hopefully be able to talk to 100 people about your business. Ouch again!

Are these $4.00 leads worth the price? This is where the age-old debate of quality versus quantity begins.

Any industry veteran will tell you, the secret to being successful in networking is not selling people on your opportunity, rather it is sorting through enough people to find those right people for your opportunity. It is quite simple really. The more people you talk to, the more people you will find that are right for your business.

This is especially important when you are first starting out. It takes time, practice, and patience to earn the confidence that will be necessary to increase the number of people that are attracted to you.

Yes, I said attracted to you. Most often a prospect will be willing to join your company because they have connected with you and feel that you are the one that can help them become successful.

However, unless you are natural born leader with an instant knack for the phone, you might have to stumble through a few hundred calls before you get enough practice with your script to come across as confident and comfortable.

So what is the solution? Most likely, these same leads that are being sold for $4.00 as a live lead or phone interviewed lead will be sold again as an aged lead for a fraction of the cost. If you look around you’ll see them called aged leads, 7-14 day old, etc. Yes they have been contacted once, twice, or more, before you receive them, however for the fraction of the cost they can fit into anyone’s budget.

There are two main things you need to keep in mind:
1) Not every opportunity is right for everyone.
2) Not everyone is as charming as you!

Even if other people have called these leads before you, the opportunities they are representing may not have been a right fit for them. Or perhaps they may not have felt comfortable with the other people. When you first chose the company you are with now, did you look around first to see what your options were before joining? Most prospects will often want to evaluate different opportunities before making their life changing decision.

So are $4.00 leads worth it? Absolutely! But only after you are ready for them, so you can make the best of them.

But until then, why not start off with a lead that began as a high quality or premium lead that is aged slightly so that you can purchase substantially more. Remember, it’s about finding quality people, and the more people you talk to, the more quickly you will find them. The right people will be receptive to you, whether they filled out a form today, or a week ago.

As you get more experience and practice. Start combining the higher quality or fresher leads with your aged leads to experience both. You will figure out what balance of leads will work best for you and your budget.

Parting Tip: As you get better, your leads will get better, regardless of the age or quality of the lead.

Visit today.

Do You Need a Reality Check?

If you’ve ever watched reality shows like American Idol (or Canadian Idol) or America’s Got Talent you would have seen all those best and worst auditions.

Some of them are really hilarious… But there is always one audition that really gets your attention.

You can see the look on the faces of the judges and how they have already pre-judged him before he even begins his performance. The cameras pan to the audience and you can see 'the look' on all of their faces as well.

When I first saw this it really moved me.

Here’s a guy who has extraordinary talent, works at Car Phone Warehouse in the UK selling cell phones and he has no idea what is about to happen to him.

Did you know that Paul went to the audition on a coin toss..?

Yup, a coin toss… Paul was so nervous he almost didn’t even audition. Could you imagine if he never did?

I think it goes without saying that YOU need to step up and start doing something about what YOU want.

Don't let the fear of success or failure stand in the way of your own greatness.

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