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Can You Really Get More Twitter Followers Using ViralFollowers?

ViralFollowers? Seems like Frank and Colin are at it again with their newest way to get automatic followers from Twitter - virally. They have both done an excellent job with ViralURL, their viral advertising and safelist mailer. Now, they state you can "Plug into The Easiest Twitter System that will start adding Thousands of Followers in only 5 minutes with a few clicks of your mouse!"

They go on to boast that you can "build your business and income at the same time using our downline builder...FREE!"

So, I figured why not? After all:

  • * This system is 100% FREE!

  • * Quick and easy... they don't even need your email!

  • * Works around-the-clock constantly bringing you new real followers!

  • * This system allows you to promote another program at the same time!

  • * "Viral System" ensures your following increases exponentially!

  • This is something that I definitely will be keeping my eye on for the coming days, weeks and months to see what happens with my Twitter followers.

    Go here to see it in motion:

    Cool Idea: The "Ask James" Podcast Show!

    Ok, I knew it was only a matter of time before
    some "smart marketer" finally figured this out.

    Trust me when I say:

    "What this guy (James Grandstaff) is doing will
    have many successful marketers scrambling to
    implement his brilliant idea into their current
    marketing mix."

    Before I tell you exactly what he's doing...

    Let's pretend for a minute that you're new to
    the world of trying to make money online.

    You probably belong to several other "Lists."
    If the list owner is doing their job, they are
    providing you with a balanced dose of useful
    content along with offers for products that
    will help you on your quest for financial

    But here lies the problem...

    Take a minute right now and think about your
    "mindset" as you're going through your emails.

    You have one "clickin' happy finger" on the
    delete button and your eyes are scanning for
    a well crafted subject line that catches your
    attention. Maybe you're looking for an email
    from your favorite guru or a newsletter that
    you subscribe to. It doesn't really matter.

    What matters is...

    Going through your email isn't as much fun as
    when you first got online, is it?

    Do you remember when you got your first email?

    If you're anything like me, you were ecstatic.
    And I bet you told all your friends about it
    -- "That's Right, Got My First Email Today."

    Well, that was a long time ago. The problem
    now is we're hit with 1,000 spam emails per
    day and checking email just isn't as fun or
    effective anymore.

    The biggest reason it's not as effective is
    due to our minds being closed to accepting
    new and helpful information.

    Just the other day I received an email from
    a subscriber who said the site I sent them
    to wasn't really free (there was an offer
    presented upon registration.)

    I politely responded...

    "Why don't you skip the offer, since it didn't
    interest you, and go inside the member's area
    and listen to the free audio interviews from
    the featured experts?"

    I truly believe this subscriber responded
    that way because she had her guard up. Had
    the information been presented in a different
    format she may have been more accepting of
    the message and therefore benefited from

    Not to worry--it's all good, because...

    James Grandstaff has come up with a solution.

    His new podcast called "The Ask James Podcast"
    enables you to get your questions answered
    when the time is right for you; when your
    "head is right" so to speak :-)

    One of the reasons James came up with idea is
    because of all the "clutter" and "noise" that
    keeps filling our inboxes and distracting us.

    His podcast solves that problem by providing
    answers to his listeners questions when they're
    away from the noisy inbox. And I think it's a
    brilliant idea.

    But there's more to it...

    James won't be the only who answers the
    questions of his listeners. On occasion,
    he will be inviting big name famous marketers
    to help answer some questions during a show.

    So if you have a question about marketing
    or making money online, or list building,
    or whatever. You could potentially have a
    guru like Mark Joyner or Mike Filsaime answer
    your question. I know for a fact Mark Joyner
    charges $2,000 per hour for phone consultation.
    Imagine if he answered your single biggest
    question regarding creating wealth online
    --for free!

    I think you get the idea :-)

    The next step is to check it out for yourself.

    When you get to the site:

    1) Register for free

    2) Submit your question to James

    3) Claim your free gift valued at $37

    4) Listen and enjoy the show!

    Go here:
    Ask James!

    To Your Success!


    P.S. One thing I should make clear is that just
    because you submit your question to James doesn't
    mean that it WILL be answered during an episode.

    Either way, you're still going to learn a lot
    from the questions that your fellow listeners

    Ask James!

    How to set-up an AWeber autoresponder (free video)

    I found something interesting the other day
    that really made me think...

    I discovered someone by the name of James
    Grandstaff who really is a clever guy. He
    recently launched a podcast called "The Ask
    James Podcast."

    (A podcast is much like a radio show except
    you can listen whenever you want; like "on
    demand" cable TV.)

    The part I liked the most about it is how
    James surveyed his listeners first and then
    provides content based on the survey results.

    Take note because that is very smart if you
    ask me ;)

    Which leads me to my post today...

    One of the questions asked was "what type of
    on-screen video tutorials would you like to
    see James create?"

    Apparently there are a lot of newbie listeners
    because James has just released 17 videos that
    cover the basics, such as how to:

    * Register a domain name
    * Get a hosting account set-up
    * Upload a webpage
    * Create a Word Press blog with one click
    * Set-up your very first auto-responder
    * Generate the HTML code needed to capture
    * and tons more...

    I highly suggest you get over there right now
    if you don't know how to do everything mentioned
    in the list above.

    The videos are great and they're 100% free!

    Be sure to check out the special bonus video
    #18...All I can say is that James Grandstaff
    is one smart marketer!

    Access Your Free Videos Here

    To Your Success,

    Lana Robinson

    P.S. After you watch the video tutorials, feel
    free to reply to this post with your feedback.

    Access Your Free Videos Here

    What Is The Most Effective Online Advertising?

    Kenneth Koh stated that "The most effective online advertising is not about the advertising tool or media that you use, but how you use them."


    This is so true! Sure, you can learn how to use social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and a load of others out there, but if you don't know "how" to advertise and "to whom" to advertise, you may be wasting your time.

    Let's say for instance that you are in a Health and Wellness business and you are using Facebook to meet new "prospects" for joining you in your business. How often to you click on links to actually join someone's business that lives 5 states over from yours. Not likely, huh? But think about all those people on Facebook selling eBooks and courses on how to use social networking to build your fortune. How often do you think people click on those links? I would venture to say a lot of people do!

    I invite you to read the original post here and make sure you leave some comments, I'd love to hear what you think!

    How To Use Google Pay-Per-Click in Network Marketing

    I just wanted to enter a quick post to let you know
    about something very special that my friend Mike Dillard
    is releasing next week, Monday January 19th.

    You see, Mike gets asked at almost every event he attends
    what his favorite source of traffic is to generate thousands
    of leads every month.

    And his answer has always been... Pay Per Click (PPC)

    There is no better way to get targeted traffic. But if
    you don't know a few key tips, you are going to get burned

    Mike and his team use pay per click to generate as many as
    150 leads per day at zero cost or even at a profit.

    Sure, there are plenty of courses out there on the subject,
    but never before has there been one directed at Network
    Marketers and how to advertise your business in such step
    by step fashion.

    This course is going to change the way many people use pay
    per click and even if you are a complete newbie Mike shows
    you how to get up and running generating leads quickly.

    In fact, recently Mike was asked the inevitable question
    by a couple successful networkers, who up until learning
    the skills taught in this course, were building their
    business the old school way.

    Here's what happen to them...

    Without prior PPC experience, these two have been able to
    generate 90+ leads everyday using PPC at zero cost.

    Mike recently did a skype video conference with these two
    and discussed how they were getting such amazing results.

    This conference was recorded and is available for you free
    by going to the web page below:

    You will also get a video conference recording of Mike
    interviewing his PPC secret weapon Jim Yaghi.

    I encourage you to go get these videos now and watch your
    inbox next week for the release of what Mike likes to call
    PPC Domination.

    If you would like to be notified when the full PPC Domination
    course is available, click here.

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