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Can You Really Get More Twitter Followers Using ViralFollowers?

ViralFollowers? Seems like Frank and Colin are at it again with their newest way to get automatic followers from Twitter - virally. They have both done an excellent job with ViralURL, their viral advertising and safelist mailer. Now, they state you can "Plug into The Easiest Twitter System that will start adding Thousands of Followers in only 5 minutes with a few clicks of your mouse!"

They go on to boast that you can "build your business and income at the same time using our downline builder...FREE!"

So, I figured why not? After all:

  • * This system is 100% FREE!

  • * Quick and easy... they don't even need your email!

  • * Works around-the-clock constantly bringing you new real followers!

  • * This system allows you to promote another program at the same time!

  • * "Viral System" ensures your following increases exponentially!

  • This is something that I definitely will be keeping my eye on for the coming days, weeks and months to see what happens with my Twitter followers.

    Go here to see it in motion:

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