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The Five Components That Must Exist To Generate A Mind Blowing 6 Figure Monthly Income

These components are not optional:

1. To effectively position yourself you must become the expert. Now, I don’t just mean that you need to study your products and comp plan, but you also have to be an expert in understanding your audience. What are their needs, wants and desires? What will motivate them to get involved with your business? What solutions (for their problems) can you provide for them? Who is your target audience? If you’re marketing health and wellness, why would you be pitching a 22-year-old college student? Even if he/she did sign up, they’ll be dropping in a few short months because they never had an attachment to the product. Look at the biggest business builders in your company. They’re emotionally attached to the product. They used it and saw results. That’s how it should be! Be conscious of who your ideal target market happens to be. This will provide you with a better understanding of how you can best get exposed to them.

2. Use techniques that will enable you to get exposure of your products and services to the masses! Why is it that conference lines for sales calls have really just taken off over the past year or 2? We’ve used them for years. They should be a requirement for any business owner. They’re cheap. And more importantly, when used correctly, you can get yourself in front of a lot of people that truly have a want, need and desire for what you possess.

3. Phone mastery. If you’re looking to grow a business to heights you can’t even imagine the phone must be your friend. One of your best friends. Can you imagine speaking with prospects that have already displayed a want and desire for your products every single day? This is a crucial element that’s required for success. When you have prospects that WANT to speak with you and have already displayed an interest in what you have, growing a business becomes child’s play. How many people per day do you think would join you in business if you were just speaking with 10 prospects a day that needed or desired something you have? Let’s assume only 2 of those people. That’s 10 new associates per week into your business! Now, it’s starting to come together and we haven’t even shared the other 2 explosive goodies with you yet.

4. Internet mastery. The Internet is an explosive tool. It’s absolutely incredible, but just like any other tool you have in your garage, one must know how to properly use it. Having a website just isn’t enough. You need to know what to have on it, where to put what and how to tap into the mind of your prospect. Furthermore, one must know how to get targeted visitors to the website that already want and need what you have. Once this is mastered, this tool becomes so powerful words can’t depict. The Internet is one of the main components that have allowed us to generate millions and millions of dollars in a very short time span.

5. Mastery of the written word. How would you like to enroll associates into your business without ever speaking with them? What if you could write a sales letter from top to bottom that put people into your business whether you were sleeping or golfing? Would that have a dramatic impact on your business? Absolutely. This is such an explosive tool that we’ve learned to master over the years it’s actually frightening. There are some companies where all they do is send sales letters pitching various products that generate hundreds of millions of dollars every single year. What would it be like to log into your administration area in the morning to see that your business grew by 7 people while you were sleeping? By mastering the written word and using copy to create salivating messages you too can grow a million dollar business inside of 12 months.

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Your MLM Business and MLM Leads

Leads are the lifeline of your business. Especially in network marketing. The last thing you want to be doing is running around chasing your friends and family all over the place and buying everyone dinner just to listen to your opportunity. When you're growing an MLM business, it's important to recognize why it's so critical to lead with the product...not the opportunity.

Here's why:

In the world of network marketing and MLM many people get turned off or cringe every time they hear that phrase. It's because we've been so filled up with lies, half truths and misleading statements for years. The only thing we ever hear about in this industry is how easy it is to get rich and make tons of money. The sad thing is only 2% of all network marketers ever make a nickle. That's a pretty sad statistic.

Network marketing is just a distribution channel. You become the distributor. People, like you and I, become basically the marketing arm of the company. We're now responsible to move product. We're no different than a WalMart or Target, only we don't have to have a gigantic overhead and massive amount of inventory or personnel working for us. If we're just the marketing arm for the company essentially shouldn't we worry about consumption of the product first? Shouldn't we have as many people as possible consuming our product every month, week or day? The more consumption that takes place that fatter our wallet gets, at least we're doing it ethically and morally and didn't promise someone else the world at the same time. If you're truly passionate about your product and believe in what you have, then this is the only way to truly build a long term residual income home based business.

I LOVE this industry! It truly is the greatest industry on the face of the planet where the average, every day person can make an abundance of wealth while helping others at the same time.

I encourage you, against the grain, to STOP leading with the opportunity.

Even if you do get others into your business that are there because of greed, there's ALWAYS going to be a better, high paying opportunity out there. Be passionate about your products and services. It shines through during your presentation. It also leads to a much higher retention rate and higher monthly product orders. And you'll find just as many people that fall in love with the product because they experienced results and they choose to market it. They become your BEST marketers and they're doing it for all the right reasons.

Do you think a boatshop owner owns a boatshop because he loves boats? Absolutely.

Was Bill Gates persistent because he loves computers?

You get the idea...

Now, let's talk about MLM Leads and it will make sense why I chatted about the relevance of leading with the products you're marketing.

The best lead you can possibly buy has NOTHING to do with opportunity seekers. It's all about PRODUCT BUYERS.

Here's what I mean. If you're marketing internet protection, wouldn't it make sense to speak with people that have recently purchased a home computer, but have no protection on it?

If you're marketing network marketing training with a compensation plan attached to it, doesn't it make sense to speak with MLM'ers that are struggling with their home based business?

If you're marketing a product that reduces the signs of aging doesn't it just make sense to market your product to the segment of the population that's consistently purchasing skin care or wrinkle reducing products?

Not just "Yes", but a resounding, screaming..."Heck Yeah!"

They're dirt cheap too!

Here's a few places to take a peek at for viable leads to promote your products and services:






These are a few places to get started with. Remember, lead brokers are in the business of making money too! Ask questions like:

How was this list compiled?

How old is the data?

Is it a monthly 'hotline' file or is this a one shot deal?

How large is the file?

What is your policy for disconnected or wrong telephone numbers?

Best of luck to ya!

Top 8 List Of Business Building Techniques Being Taught That Flat Out – Do Not Work…

1. Building a list of your friends and family. You know…your warm market. Companies love teaching you this. Why? If they have 100,000 associates and everyone builds a “list” the company is growing! What did this do for your business? OK…maybe you added one or 2 associates and got yourself a whopping check for $3.84. This method, mathematically speaking, is terribly inefficient.

2. Passing out business cards, brochures, audios and DVD’s. Does this technique sound familiar? Companies love it! They make money all over the place. Every time you purchase one of their “promotional” products they’re making money and guess what…when the one in 100 cd’s that you handed out turns into a new associate their business just grew. Again, for them it’s about numbers. If they have a huge associate base even if the conversion rate is only 1% they’re still growing and better yet, they’re making money off you every single time you run out of “promotional” items and have to purchase more. Not a bad situation for them now is it?

3. 3-way calling. This has got to be one of the most counter productive methods to grow a business that exists. One of the biggest things that’s critical in growing a business is that you need to be the expert. Not your upline or the “triple platinum” that’s 3 levels above you. YOU need to be an expert. Why would you let someone else fill that role for you?

4. Hotel meetings and driving all over town. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having a “home based business”? I can’t tell you how many people that we consult with that are constantly driving all over town picking up meal tabs for this “prospect that’s about to come a new associate”. Uh huh. If we had a dime for every time we heard “I’m gonna bring this one in during lunch” we’d be rolling in deep, thick piles of cash.

5. The Product sales itself! I love this one. If the product truly sold itself why would the company need you? Do you think they would have resorted to network marketing as a business model and form of distribution to get their products in the hands of the masses? Fat chance. They would have opened up retail stores all over the country. They wouldn’t have a need for you. I’ll be blunt. Products don’t sell themselves. They need advertising and promotion. Look at every commercial on T.V.; radio, newspaper ads, etc are those products selling themselves. If so, why’d they spend big bucks to purchase airtime or ad space? Big myth. Please, for the sake of your wallet, don’t fall into this trap. Products don’t sell themselves. Companies know this, but it sounds so good when they make those types of statements that they can’t refrain from telling us things like that.

6. The ‘ol 3 who get 3 who get 3 and you’re filthy, stinkin’ rich. I’m sure you’ve heard of this one. All you have to do is get 3 and then help those 3 get three and get those people 3 and POOF…your checking account explodes and you’re making a nice tidy 6 figure annual income. This one almost makes me chuckle out loud. This mythical, completely unrealistic way of growing a business flat out, does not work. We have yet to see one single person (out of over 4,000 students) that has used this approach and found the success they were seeking. It just doesn’t happen.

7. All you have to do is put up a website, share it with your neighbors (or put it on your business card) and you’re well on your way to a nice, sizeable income. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve done any type of marketing you’ve quickly realized that this isn’t the way to get the job done. Not even close. There truly is an art and science to how the site should be constructed, what to have on it and getting targeted visitors to your site that truly have a need and desire for what you’re marketing. Just having a website means absolutely nothing. It’s a tool that must be used properly and the vast majority of marketers have not been skilled on how to use it appropriately.

8. Holding home parties will make you rich! How many leaders do you know that are making in excess of a quarter million a year that are holding house parties? This is a technique that can and does work if you’re looking to grow your business at a snail’s pace and you’re on the 40-year game plan to start making the “big bucks”. If you’re on a different plan, you need a faster and much more efficient way of making this happen. Home parties just won’t cut it. There are other ways of making it happen that is a whole lot easier and you don’t have to have strangers in your home every week either!

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Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed?

Making a success of your own business doesn't just require you to have the right personality, attitude, and business idea; you also need the skills or the ability to pick up new ones quickly. You need to be able to distinguish what you can do for yourself and what you are better off leaving to the professionals.

Assuming you don't have an endless supply of money when you start your own business, you are suddenly responsible for a lot more than just doing your job. If you've always relied on other departments or people to take care of your marketing, IT, legal, finance, or admin needs, it can come as quite a shock to realize it's now all down to you.

Carrying out a skills audit is a key part of planning the launch of your own business. There are several important questions that you should be asking yourself:

• Which essential tasks do I feel able to fulfill now?
• Which tasks will I be able to learn how to do through online learning, by talking to friends, colleagues, and business support organizations or by taking a course?
• Which tasks will you always need paid professionals to help with?

Once you have established the above, it's a simple question of allocating the appropriate resources and money for the professionals and the time you will need for the task you are confident you can do.


Companies who do not fully understand the importance of Marketing will never be fully successful, as the success of your enterprise hinges on whether your customers actually buy into your product, service, or brand.

Marketers and sales people have a variety of tools and techniques at their disposal and are constantly seeking new and inventive ways of selling.

You should satisfy yourself that you have the skills and experience to:

• Identify your target market and judge how receptive your customers will be to your offering
• Listen to and understand your customers and be aware of what makes them tick and, in particular, what factors influence their purchasing decisions
• Acquire, handle the relationship with customers and build loyalty
• Be an effective and persuasive salesperson
• Keep the exposure and recognition of your brand high
• Be able to negotiate and know how to close a deal

To Your Success,
Lana Robinson
Just In Time Marketing, LLC

Finally - A Top Secret Way You Can Get Google AdWords Pay-Per-Clicks FREE

A new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to get your Google AdWords pay-per-clicks FREE!

A gentleman from New York discovered what he calls an "oversight" on the part of 99.9% of all marketers that allows him to get otherwise paid-for advertising at Google as well as all other search engines that allow sponsored ads.

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Instead, the New Yorker boasts proudly "...this is something that I caught onto just before 2000 when there was so much search engine craze running around, and started doing small just to test things at first ... but which I later expanded on after getting the hang of it."

This same fellow went on to start and operate sixteen separate online companies selling everything from pet food, DVDs, children's toys & games, books, software, and sold not only his own manufactured products but became an affiliate for other web businesses - all the while applying his mastermind secret.

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He still has to set up an account with the search engines - but after applying his secret he is removed from having to pay for all the costs otherwise involved.
Again, nothing about his secret is either illegal or robs from the search engines.

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The northerner revealed that in this nearly eight years' period of time since applying his secret he's done well over $300 million in sales revenue with a most diverse line of products, and most recently in the last two years netted nearly $166 million after really "buckling down and pressing my secret to its fullest potential."

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Prospecting 101

Prospecting’s the only way to build a successful home-based business. And the better you are at prospecting – the more money you’re going to make!

Becoming a master prospector takes knowledge, confidence and time. But why wait...especially when you don’t have to!

We can accelerate the process and help you become a prospecting wizard quicker than you ever thought possible!

We can help you learn the techniques the top money-makers use. The very same techniques that will help you make more money!

With our industry-best live training 5 days a have the opportunity to learn something different from all of our hosts...turning you into an prospecting all-star!

"Exposed! Why 3 Way Calling To Your Upline Will NEVER Grow Your Business....."

I can already see many of you standing up and defending 3 way calling before I even start. Sure it has some major benefits. If you’re a new prospect, then its re-assuring to be able to just listen to an expert tell your prospects all about the business, answer their questions and bring them into the business. You just sit there and listen and watch your business grow. But you deserve it right…. You did get those prospects in front of your upline in the first place, right ?

Remember, when you’re showing a prospect your product or a business opportunity it’s a sales presentation. WOW ! Calm down. I know you were told there would be no selling, but let's face it. Your only reason for showing this product or business to a prospect is simple. You want them to buy. Now that’s selling.

So lets try the 3 way calling in another example.

You go to your local Ford garage and are looking for a new car. A salesman comes up to you and tells you he has the best car in the world for you, and you just have to take a look. So you go and have a look around the car and it looks good. Actually it looks almost perfect, maybe even too good. So you start asking a few questions. You ask the simple ones first “does it come in blue?”. The salesman answers that he thinks so. You ask if you can have alloy wheels too. The salesman replies “well actually, let me just get an expert on the phone for you. He knows all about these cars and can answer all your questions”. So you get the car expert on the phone and he tells you all about it and competently answers your questions. You then happy buy the perfect car, safe in the knowledge of a good purchase.

Sounds good doesn’t it. And that’s what happens in Network Marketing. So what’s the problem ?

Simple! Let's go back to the example. If you were buying that car, after talking to the expert, what’s your opinion of the salesman in front of you? Come on be truthful. You see him as a paper pushing monkey, who doesn’t really know much but can at least do the paperwork. Correct?

Now that is EXACTLY what your new associate thinks as well. So who do you think they’re going to take their new prospects to? You or your upline?? Good guess - you won’t be getting that phone call. Your new associate is serious, and you couldn’t even answer their questions, so why are they going to entrust their new diamond covered, gold plated, hot new prospect to you?

You see - YOU are never positioned. How can you build your business long term using this approach ? The simple answer is you can’t.

“But wait” you say. “I’ve been told this is the best way to grow the business.” I’ll be the first to tell you that, that statement is absolutely true. It is. However its not your business that’s growing. It's your upline's. You see you have to face the truth. Over 90% of network marketers fail or quit in the first 12 months. As far as your upline is concerned you’re almost guaranteed to quit. So he needs you to bring in at least 1 person to replace yourself. If you get 2 then even better, their business just grew if you did. On average people bring in 2.4 new prospects before quitting. If you were your upline wouldn’t you want to be positioned as the expert and have that relationship with the new prospects?

Now back to the car salesman. What if you asked him questions and he answered the majority competently? Let's say you asked him a really, really tricky one. How about “how many teeth does the 4th gear wheel have?”. Instead of getting you an expert he replied “Wow ! great question and to be honest I’ve not been asked that before. Grab a cup of coffee, I’ll just find out for you and be back in 5 minutes”.

You still got all your answers. You still bought the car. But what’s your opinion of the car salesman now? A little different?

Spend the time to become the expert, treat your business like YOUR business and position yourself as the expert. I promise you the results will amaze you!

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