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How To Get Rich Building a LAZY Downline!

By James Grandstaff

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The Five Components That Must Exist To Generate A Mind Blowing 6 Figure Monthly Income

These components are not optional:

1. To effectively position yourself you must become the expert. Now, I don’t just mean that you need to study your products and comp plan, but you also have to be an expert in understanding your audience. What are their needs, wants and desires? What will motivate them to get involved with your business? What solutions (for their problems) can you provide for them? Who is your target audience? If you’re marketing health and wellness, why would you be pitching a 22-year-old college student? Even if he/she did sign up, they’ll be dropping in a few short months because they never had an attachment to the product. Look at the biggest business builders in your company. They’re emotionally attached to the product. They used it and saw results. That’s how it should be! Be conscious of who your ideal target market happens to be. This will provide you with a better understanding of how you can best get exposed to them.

2. Use techniques that will enable you to get exposure of your products and services to the masses! Why is it that conference lines for sales calls have really just taken off over the past year or 2? We’ve used them for years. They should be a requirement for any business owner. They’re cheap. And more importantly, when used correctly, you can get yourself in front of a lot of people that truly have a want, need and desire for what you possess.

3. Phone mastery. If you’re looking to grow a business to heights you can’t even imagine the phone must be your friend. One of your best friends. Can you imagine speaking with prospects that have already displayed a want and desire for your products every single day? This is a crucial element that’s required for success. When you have prospects that WANT to speak with you and have already displayed an interest in what you have, growing a business becomes child’s play. How many people per day do you think would join you in business if you were just speaking with 10 prospects a day that needed or desired something you have? Let’s assume only 2 of those people. That’s 10 new associates per week into your business! Now, it’s starting to come together and we haven’t even shared the other 2 explosive goodies with you yet.

4. Internet mastery. The Internet is an explosive tool. It’s absolutely incredible, but just like any other tool you have in your garage, one must know how to properly use it. Having a website just isn’t enough. You need to know what to have on it, where to put what and how to tap into the mind of your prospect. Furthermore, one must know how to get targeted visitors to the website that already want and need what you have. Once this is mastered, this tool becomes so powerful words can’t depict. The Internet is one of the main components that have allowed us to generate millions and millions of dollars in a very short time span.

5. Mastery of the written word. How would you like to enroll associates into your business without ever speaking with them? What if you could write a sales letter from top to bottom that put people into your business whether you were sleeping or golfing? Would that have a dramatic impact on your business? Absolutely. This is such an explosive tool that we’ve learned to master over the years it’s actually frightening. There are some companies where all they do is send sales letters pitching various products that generate hundreds of millions of dollars every single year. What would it be like to log into your administration area in the morning to see that your business grew by 7 people while you were sleeping? By mastering the written word and using copy to create salivating messages you too can grow a million dollar business inside of 12 months.

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