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Your MLM Business and MLM Leads

Leads are the lifeline of your business. Especially in network marketing. The last thing you want to be doing is running around chasing your friends and family all over the place and buying everyone dinner just to listen to your opportunity. When you're growing an MLM business, it's important to recognize why it's so critical to lead with the product...not the opportunity.

Here's why:

In the world of network marketing and MLM many people get turned off or cringe every time they hear that phrase. It's because we've been so filled up with lies, half truths and misleading statements for years. The only thing we ever hear about in this industry is how easy it is to get rich and make tons of money. The sad thing is only 2% of all network marketers ever make a nickle. That's a pretty sad statistic.

Network marketing is just a distribution channel. You become the distributor. People, like you and I, become basically the marketing arm of the company. We're now responsible to move product. We're no different than a WalMart or Target, only we don't have to have a gigantic overhead and massive amount of inventory or personnel working for us. If we're just the marketing arm for the company essentially shouldn't we worry about consumption of the product first? Shouldn't we have as many people as possible consuming our product every month, week or day? The more consumption that takes place that fatter our wallet gets, at least we're doing it ethically and morally and didn't promise someone else the world at the same time. If you're truly passionate about your product and believe in what you have, then this is the only way to truly build a long term residual income home based business.

I LOVE this industry! It truly is the greatest industry on the face of the planet where the average, every day person can make an abundance of wealth while helping others at the same time.

I encourage you, against the grain, to STOP leading with the opportunity.

Even if you do get others into your business that are there because of greed, there's ALWAYS going to be a better, high paying opportunity out there. Be passionate about your products and services. It shines through during your presentation. It also leads to a much higher retention rate and higher monthly product orders. And you'll find just as many people that fall in love with the product because they experienced results and they choose to market it. They become your BEST marketers and they're doing it for all the right reasons.

Do you think a boatshop owner owns a boatshop because he loves boats? Absolutely.

Was Bill Gates persistent because he loves computers?

You get the idea...

Now, let's talk about MLM Leads and it will make sense why I chatted about the relevance of leading with the products you're marketing.

The best lead you can possibly buy has NOTHING to do with opportunity seekers. It's all about PRODUCT BUYERS.

Here's what I mean. If you're marketing internet protection, wouldn't it make sense to speak with people that have recently purchased a home computer, but have no protection on it?

If you're marketing network marketing training with a compensation plan attached to it, doesn't it make sense to speak with MLM'ers that are struggling with their home based business?

If you're marketing a product that reduces the signs of aging doesn't it just make sense to market your product to the segment of the population that's consistently purchasing skin care or wrinkle reducing products?

Not just "Yes", but a resounding, screaming..."Heck Yeah!"

They're dirt cheap too!

Here's a few places to take a peek at for viable leads to promote your products and services:






These are a few places to get started with. Remember, lead brokers are in the business of making money too! Ask questions like:

How was this list compiled?

How old is the data?

Is it a monthly 'hotline' file or is this a one shot deal?

How large is the file?

What is your policy for disconnected or wrong telephone numbers?

Best of luck to ya!

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