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"Exposed! Why 3 Way Calling To Your Upline Will NEVER Grow Your Business....."

I can already see many of you standing up and defending 3 way calling before I even start. Sure it has some major benefits. If you’re a new prospect, then its re-assuring to be able to just listen to an expert tell your prospects all about the business, answer their questions and bring them into the business. You just sit there and listen and watch your business grow. But you deserve it right…. You did get those prospects in front of your upline in the first place, right ?

Remember, when you’re showing a prospect your product or a business opportunity it’s a sales presentation. WOW ! Calm down. I know you were told there would be no selling, but let's face it. Your only reason for showing this product or business to a prospect is simple. You want them to buy. Now that’s selling.

So lets try the 3 way calling in another example.

You go to your local Ford garage and are looking for a new car. A salesman comes up to you and tells you he has the best car in the world for you, and you just have to take a look. So you go and have a look around the car and it looks good. Actually it looks almost perfect, maybe even too good. So you start asking a few questions. You ask the simple ones first “does it come in blue?”. The salesman answers that he thinks so. You ask if you can have alloy wheels too. The salesman replies “well actually, let me just get an expert on the phone for you. He knows all about these cars and can answer all your questions”. So you get the car expert on the phone and he tells you all about it and competently answers your questions. You then happy buy the perfect car, safe in the knowledge of a good purchase.

Sounds good doesn’t it. And that’s what happens in Network Marketing. So what’s the problem ?

Simple! Let's go back to the example. If you were buying that car, after talking to the expert, what’s your opinion of the salesman in front of you? Come on be truthful. You see him as a paper pushing monkey, who doesn’t really know much but can at least do the paperwork. Correct?

Now that is EXACTLY what your new associate thinks as well. So who do you think they’re going to take their new prospects to? You or your upline?? Good guess - you won’t be getting that phone call. Your new associate is serious, and you couldn’t even answer their questions, so why are they going to entrust their new diamond covered, gold plated, hot new prospect to you?

You see - YOU are never positioned. How can you build your business long term using this approach ? The simple answer is you can’t.

“But wait” you say. “I’ve been told this is the best way to grow the business.” I’ll be the first to tell you that, that statement is absolutely true. It is. However its not your business that’s growing. It's your upline's. You see you have to face the truth. Over 90% of network marketers fail or quit in the first 12 months. As far as your upline is concerned you’re almost guaranteed to quit. So he needs you to bring in at least 1 person to replace yourself. If you get 2 then even better, their business just grew if you did. On average people bring in 2.4 new prospects before quitting. If you were your upline wouldn’t you want to be positioned as the expert and have that relationship with the new prospects?

Now back to the car salesman. What if you asked him questions and he answered the majority competently? Let's say you asked him a really, really tricky one. How about “how many teeth does the 4th gear wheel have?”. Instead of getting you an expert he replied “Wow ! great question and to be honest I’ve not been asked that before. Grab a cup of coffee, I’ll just find out for you and be back in 5 minutes”.

You still got all your answers. You still bought the car. But what’s your opinion of the car salesman now? A little different?

Spend the time to become the expert, treat your business like YOUR business and position yourself as the expert. I promise you the results will amaze you!

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