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Knowing "The Secret" Will Help You Make Money At Home Online

Author: Liane Bate

The power of positive thinking that is so often preached about in self-help books and movies these days is seen by many people as being "hocus-pocus", or brain-washing at its best, especially if you are one of the many who is frustrated with making money at home online.

It is probably those who think about it in such a negative way who don't really know about "The Secret". I have yet to see the movie myself, and have just started reading the book, but can already tell you that my thoughts and feelings became more positive after only 20 pages. It is going to be a proud addition to my spiritual book collection, and manifested in my business life to help me make more money at home online.

I am an online business owner who, like everyone in this business, wants to make money at home online. But I am one of the "survivors" as I so call it. When you consider that 95-98% of all those who start an online business quit within their first year, I am proud to still be alive and kicking. But this did not happen by mistake or miracle, and your success or failure in business and life is no accident either, as you will see when you read on...

If you haven't learned "The Secret", then now is the time if you want a successful online business. What is "The Secret" you ask, and how will it help you make money at home online?

"The Secret" is simply "the law of attraction" - That "like" attracts "like". If you have negative thoughts about your business and think you'll never make any money at it, then you are attracting more and more negative thoughts just like that one, which over time will become your reality.

For example, if you find out that 95% of all online business owners quit within their first year, and have negative doubts about your success, then that is what the universe will mirror back at you: More doubt, more fears, more failure. If you let these thoughts of doubt, fear, and failure dominate your thinking, then eventually this is the fate you will create for yourself.

Those who really want to make money at home online are positive thinkers who know already that they are part of the small 5% who will succeed at this business. "The Secret" tells us that it doesn't matter how - What matters is that you already believe and feel it within yourself that you already have what you want. You already have money, success, love, and riches. You feel it, and you feel good about it.

The master of "The Secret" knows that even when you don't actually have what you desire right this minute - money at home online - that you have an intense faith that it will come. Any time fear and doubt creeps into your thoughts, you must change them, otherwise the universe will get mixed signals about what you want, and you will get mixed results.

Many online business owners may be very skeptical of this principle, but it is exactly that skepticism that breeds exactly what they don't want. They won't make money at home online because they are skeptical that they will. It is an undying truth that you get what you ask for, and that you create your reality with your thoughts.

The beauty of it all is that we are masters of our thoughts, so if we want negativity, fear, and doubt, we will get just that. If we want to change that, we can! If you really want to make money at home online, then there are steps you can take to help change your thoughts and create the reality you want.

Step one according to "The Secret" is to ask, or in other words, define what you want. Be very specific, picture it, and do not mention what you don't want. For example, "I have $1000 per month in profits from my online business". When you stay focused on that end result, it doesn't matter how it happens, when, or where - what you focus on will become your reality.

Notice that I said, "I have $1000 per month in profits...", rather than "I want $1000 per month in profits". If you want it, the universe will give that right back to you - the wanting of it, and you will get more wanting of it! Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it!

That brings me to the next step according to "The Secret", which is to believe that you already have it and will get it. If your thoughts go astray, be careful, because you might just get what you have led your thoughts astray to thinking, feeling, and believing! It may take time to train yourself to keep your thoughts and feelings in check so that you can stay focused and positive about what you want.

The final step according to "The Secret" is to receive, or truly feel good about and love what you want, or feel the same way that you would if you actually had it. You won't make money at home online if you think you can't, for that's like asking for a positive, but feeling negative - a conflict of opposites in the universe.

This is the first part of "The Secret" and how it can help you make money at home online. Remember that you create your own life with your thoughts, so think happy thoughts and you will get what you ask for!

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Liane Bate owns a Plug-in Profit Site web business. Learn how to Make Money At Home Online with "The Secret".

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