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Professional Victims

Today we're going to talk about "Professional Victims".

There is a group of people that can't go forward and achieve UNLESS the world is a certain way, the company does certain things, the weather co-operates, the sponsor says the right words, and no personal problems appear.

All of these circumstances control the fates of these individuals.So you ask them: "So how does it feel to be controlled by everyone and everything?"
And they reply:

"Oh, it's not my fault. I just don't have any choices or opportunity. These things are always in my way."

These people are victims of their circumstances.

Now, there is a group of people that decides to achieve and move forward DESPITE the world's situation, the company's problems, the lousy weather, the worthless sponsor, and the constant barrage of personal problems. Hmmm. This group makes better networkers :)

The circumstances are the same for both groups, but the results are quite different.

So my question is:

"Which group will you decide to join?"

Lana Robinson
Home Business Repair Consultant

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