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You Need a Clone

I must speak to at least 20 people a day in Network Marketing or any sort of home business, who tell me they just can't seem to get ahead. They're either babysitting their downline, working with new prospects, trying to come up with more and more inventive ways to get loads of people to look at their business, or at least 2 dozen other things holding them back from growing their business.

It seems that everyone is running full speed and going nowhere. I'll even bet that's how you feel too isn't it?

Well, today is gonna be good for you, as I'm about to teach you The Secret Art Of Cloning Yourself!

And no, this isn't some weird science experiment.

I'm talking about the art and science of delegation. You see most people in regular businesses, delegate to people below them. They'll delegate jobs that they don't like doing or jobs they don't have time for.

You, as a home business owner, don't have anyone to delegate too. Sure you can hire an assistant (and believe me this can be a god-send as your organization grows), but you don't need to at first.

You need to be smarter than your boss at the J.O.B. You need to maximize and leverage what you have available.

Therefore, look to your downline, as your subordinates in a way. Just remember they are all business owners and can tell you to go jump off a bridge without risk of getting fired, but you can get them to work for you, if you do it right.

For example if you have someone in your downline who is very good at typing - have them do the team newsletter instead of you. If you have someone who is good on the computer, have them do the website instead of you.

The key in all this is to build up the person you're going to delegate work to. Tell them that you respect the way they grow their business, and you'd like them to start taking a more integral role in the way the team works. Let them know that you'd like them to become part of your inner circle of people you work with, and in exchange you're looking for them to start doing job X on a monthly basis. In exchange you'll be spending focused time helping them grow their downlines, maybe even putting a percentage of your growth into their downline.

This way its a win win. Everyone in your team is feeling included. You're building leadership and leaders beneath you which is essential to success, everyone is doing what they are best at and benefiting from everyone else's best assets.

And you just gained hours of time a week to actually work on growing your business.

It'll be just like you cloned yourself.

Lana Robinson
Home Business Repair Consultant

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