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Be Profitable

Would you describe yourself as a Network Marketers, MLM'er, Home Business Owner ? If I asked you the very basic question "Do you have your own business?", how many of you would say yes, or put your hand up?

Most of you, otherwise you wouldn't be here, right?

Let me ask you another question. How much money have you ever made in your business?

You see 95% of all home businesses, whether its MLM, Network Marketing or retail, rarely make any money. Its almost comical that they are all called businesses. A more apt description would be a regular donation to the company who's products you like. I know that that is harsh. But how many of you have ever spent money on the products the company has to promote your business? CD's, DVD's, books, flyers, business cards, catalogs, shirts... the list goes on.

Or how about those weekly hotel meetings where you are encouraged to bring guests... but even if you don't have anyone to bring with you it's important to the success of your business to be there. Have you ever done the math? Look around the hotel room next time you're there. Normally there are anywhere from 60 to 200 fellow representatives sitting there with you, all paying a set amount to get in, normally around $10 each.

Do the math, thats between $600 and $2000 a week per hotel meeting. The average room hire cost for 2 hours is around $200. So who's business is really benefiting from the extra? I'm no expert at math, but I can tell you it isn't your business that's growing. How much benefit did you really get from that presentation that you heard 15 times already?

And that's not including the big company events that are MUST DO if you're serious, which cost $100 a go, every few months. And what about those yearly conventions? How much have you spent to attend those, including air fare, gas, car rental, hotel, food, etc.? Then, after you get there you are so excited about the new products your company offers that you spend even more money on products, DVDs, CDs and the like.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not beating up anyone here. Your upline is a busy person who's time is valuable, and they deserve to be paid for being in that meeting and closing your prospects for you.

My only point here, is "Are you a Network Marketer.... just not profitable?"

Sit down and take a hard look at your business, and cut out any expense that is not absolutely necessary. Then invest the difference in education and training to market your business so that once your warm market runs dry, your business growth doesn't.

Lana Robinson
Home Business Repair Consultant

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JesusFreakinAbilene said...

I loved the article. You are 100% right. Way to go! I hope the good people will listen and respond.

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