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How to Sell an Expensive Product

Every product or service is too expensive until the price is justified. To justify means to demonstrate sufficient reason for (an action).

If you were to simplify what your job really is in selling your company's product or service, it would be that you are justifying the product/service's price. If you fail at justifying the price,your prospect walks away. If you succeed at justifying the price,your prospect buys the product.

The process of justifying the price of a product or service is to demonstrate or give reasons that the prospect will benefit from using or owning the product or service. This only works if the reasons are valuable to the prospect!

And how could you possibly know if the justifications you're giving to the prospect are valuable to them? You can guess...or you could ask them "Why would you want _______?" Thus, inviting them to tell you why they think they may want to take supplements/vitamins.

A simplified version of inviting your prospect is: Greet the prospect, find out what they need or want, invite them to look at something that will help them get what they need or want.

As an example, let's suppose I sell supplements that cost $129 per month. Everyone knows you can buy supplements at the drug store for $10 a month. So I would have to justify an extra $119 expense - if I do they will buy the product - if I don't they will buy an inferior product.

So, after greeting the prospect I would ask them why they would want supplements. NOTE: This is just one example; I'm sure you're wondering how I get into the discussion of supplements in the first place. Anyway... for the sake of an example that's what I'm using....

In my conversation with the prospect I ask them why they take supplements - they respond, "Because I don't eat very healthy."With that statement I could now do whatever type of justification I wanted as long as I keep coming back to "because I don't eat very healthy." Why? Because that's what is valuable to the prospect.

I could explain the importance of the pills dissolving so the prospect actually gets the nutrients. I could take some of those $10 supplements and drive them into a board with a hammer to demonstrate the difference in tablets and capsules - I could do and say many different things but they (the statements and demonstrations) must help the prospect with, "because I don't eat very healthy." That's the only way you will justify the prospect paying for the extra value.

Many people take supplements for the very reason I used above ("because I don't eat very healthy"). There is no chance the person would get one dime's worth of value from using supplements that don't dissolve. Think about it.

The above example is just one - but don't get lost in the example and miss the point. The point is - you are in the justification of price business. You don't start justifying your price until you know why they would even want your product or service.

Lana Robinson
Home Business Repair Consultant

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