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Have ever tried to think hard about how to find people who are interested in your business or product? This is fundamental to your business.

So lets start off with a question. Who would you rather talk to about your product or service?

1. Your friends and family (*shudder* I personally don't like option 1)

2. A complete stranger who by pure bad luck (for them) happens to be stood within arms reach of you in the supermarket, or street.

3. Someone who has already demonstrated their interest in your product or service?

Personally I'd always take option 3. You see both options 1 and 2 are way too difficult. So that brings us to a question of how to find these people. I mean it would be really nice if they walked down the street with a sign or a balloon that said "I'm interested". But unfortunately they don't.

So where do we start? Well actually it isn't where you think. Step 1 is about thinking who your prospect is. This is far more detailed than you might initially think. Grab a pen and paper, and we'll do this together.

OK, for this purpose I'm going to use a Health product as an example. Lets say that this product is really generic and the main claim is that it helps the body to heal itself.

So who exactly is our prospect?

Normally, I'd take you through this step by step, but space is limited. So I'd target this campaign's prospect as someone aged 40-55, who has recently bought a health, weight loss or similar product, who has bought a product with a credit card and who has a household income above $50K. Would that be a good prospect? You bet, and they're available in the thousands and cost less than a cent if you know how!

Lana Robinson
Home Business Repair Consultant

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