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How to set-up an AWeber autoresponder (free video)

I found something interesting the other day
that really made me think...

I discovered someone by the name of James
Grandstaff who really is a clever guy. He
recently launched a podcast called "The Ask
James Podcast."

(A podcast is much like a radio show except
you can listen whenever you want; like "on
demand" cable TV.)

The part I liked the most about it is how
James surveyed his listeners first and then
provides content based on the survey results.

Take note because that is very smart if you
ask me ;)

Which leads me to my post today...

One of the questions asked was "what type of
on-screen video tutorials would you like to
see James create?"

Apparently there are a lot of newbie listeners
because James has just released 17 videos that
cover the basics, such as how to:

* Register a domain name
* Get a hosting account set-up
* Upload a webpage
* Create a Word Press blog with one click
* Set-up your very first auto-responder
* Generate the HTML code needed to capture
* and tons more...

I highly suggest you get over there right now
if you don't know how to do everything mentioned
in the list above.

The videos are great and they're 100% free!

Be sure to check out the special bonus video
#18...All I can say is that James Grandstaff
is one smart marketer!

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To Your Success,

Lana Robinson

P.S. After you watch the video tutorials, feel
free to reply to this post with your feedback.

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