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Do You Need a Reality Check?

If you’ve ever watched reality shows like American Idol (or Canadian Idol) or America’s Got Talent you would have seen all those best and worst auditions.

Some of them are really hilarious… But there is always one audition that really gets your attention.

You can see the look on the faces of the judges and how they have already pre-judged him before he even begins his performance. The cameras pan to the audience and you can see 'the look' on all of their faces as well.

When I first saw this it really moved me.

Here’s a guy who has extraordinary talent, works at Car Phone Warehouse in the UK selling cell phones and he has no idea what is about to happen to him.

Did you know that Paul went to the audition on a coin toss..?

Yup, a coin toss… Paul was so nervous he almost didn’t even audition. Could you imagine if he never did?

I think it goes without saying that YOU need to step up and start doing something about what YOU want.

Don't let the fear of success or failure stand in the way of your own greatness.

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