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Article Marketing Success Tips

Article marketing is a website strategy designed to get free targeted traffic to your website. Simply writing and submitting your original articles related to your niche to the article directories can increase traffic to your site. Nich? Yes, like vitamins, joint pain relief, anti-aging skin care, natural cosmetics, household cleaning items, travel, dogs, cats, dating... whatever your niche happens to be.

Webmasters and ezine publishers will then download these articles and are allowed to use them freely as long as they keep your resource bio information at the bottom of the article as-is including live links. A well written article that uses the proper keywords that are often searched for can attract a lot of free website traffic to your site.

Getting more website traffic from click-throughs and free searches, article marketing can also help to lift your website's page rank because it provides relevant one-way back links to your site which is a factor search engines use to calculate how popular site is.

To see success with your article, it needs to be well written, easy to read and focused on the area of interest you wish to promote. For example, if you write an article on a topic that is unrelated to your business, you may get curious visitors but they will not be targeted. An example could be if you write an article about weight loss, and your article points to a site about costmetics... well, that's not really that targeted, is it? On the other hand if your article is related to your business in some way, readers who click on your link are probably looking for more information. As a result, they are much more likely to be interested in the products or services you are offering.

For article marketing success, the first step is to choose an attention getting title that includes your keyword. People looking for your keywords are far more likely to find your article if the keyword they are looking for is in your title. The title of your article needs to appeal to a person who wants to read the article itself.

Article content is the most important aspect of article marketing. The content needs to be relevant, informative and useful. It also needs to keep the reader's attention. The whole purpose of the article is to hold the reader's attention for the entire article and impress them enough that they will want to click on your link in the resource box.

The article should also be written with Internet marketing SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. Keywords and terms with a similar meaning should be dotted throughout the article. Use your keyword in the first one hundred words of the article, in the last one hundred words and a few times in the body of the article. Keyword density should be kept in the 1-2% range if possible. Don't do what is referred to as 'keyword spamming', because your article won't get published (and it makes it much harder for the reader to get through it).

You also need to peak the interest of the reader so that they are motivated to click on your link in the resource box. A great way to increase the amount of clicks to your website is to divide your article into two parts. Submit the first section to the article directories of your choice and keep part 2 on your own website. On your own site you can insert hyperlinks in the article which can take the reader to other
information on the site. So, when the reader is wanting to read the rest of the article, a click happens and viola... they are on your site. They'll finish reading the article and may even stay a while and make a purchase or contact you for more information about what you have to offer.

Over the long term, to be successful in article marketing, you need to submit your original, interesting articles frequently to high traffic articles directories such as Top Rank articles. If you are consistent and conscientious and follow the tips in this article, you will find that article marketing is a highly effective strategy for website promotion. You cannot expect to write one article and sit back and see it all over the web. You must write multiple articles, even if it's about the same product or service. If your company has multiple product lines, you have a lot of articles you can write to drive traffic to your site. Just make sure that the article resource box points the reader to a site specifically set up for that niche product. Don't send them to a website for anti-aging products when they are looking for hormone balancing creams.

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