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3 Most Common Reasons People Fail At Article Marketing...

By Aaron Anderson

Some people say article marketing doesn't work anymore. Which that might be true if you just write crap and expect people to love you for it. If you do it correctly it still works and could be one of your most powerful promotion strategies. Here are three common article marketing mistakes.

1. Confusing the reason for writing articles with the reason for promoting your business with articles.

Even though there are many reasons to use articles to promote your business, writing the articles have only one reason.

Let's begin by discussing the purpose of promoting your business through article marketing. Articles can bring a lot of visitors to your site. No matter what topic your articles cover, you will be seen as an expert on that topic. While this is great, it can't be the sole reason for writing articles. So what should your focus be in writing articles?

The only reason you should write article is to provide value to your readers. If you have any hidden agendas it will be pretty obvious. And no one likes hidden agendas. If that's the case you might as well not waste your time.

Your readers will only trust you if you give them good value. You can advise them that you have more information on your site in the resource box.

2. Not maximizing the potential of every article.

Alright you wrote an article so what do you do next. Next you should make sure you have an attractive resource box. If you writing great articles but no one is visiting your website that's not going to do much for you. Give your readers a reason to visit your site.

The technique of making keywords into hyperlink text is a very effective way of using your resource box to increase the impact of your article. Getting help with you search engine rank is an indirect benefit you will see as well as increased traffic to your site when visitors click those links.

Once your article is ready, you submit it to article directories. Then you are finished? NO.

Many people go wrong at this point. Now you also submit the article to web publishers individually. People who want to submit articles of there own are the most frequent visitors to article directories. Web publishers will use your article on their own websites or send it to their email lists so your article is read by real people.

3. Writing articles that aren't helpful to the reader

Your articles have to be of help to people or two things can happen. Your business can be negatively impacted by either of them.

The first is that readers will not trust you if they find your article of no help to them after reading it. Of course, they may not even finish reading it. They will very likely just click away and find something that is of more value.

Second, anyone putting your article on their site is not even going to be considered. If they put your article on their site, they would be risking their own reputation. They will lose trust if they put an article up that is garbage. This means you won't get much in the way of links either. So it would be a waste of time.

Dead is not a good description of article marketing. It just takes a little more time and effort to do it right. But doing it right will mean great benefits for your business, so it is worth the effort.

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