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Tips For Running An Internet Marketing Blog

By Christopher Stigson

Chris Stigson speaking. I'm an internet marketing blogger who spends a lot of time testing new stuff in the bloggin era. I've kind of cracked the code for running a profitable blog and want to do a test as well as share some knowledge with this article. Benefit by reading more.

It's a common thing to hear about success stories on profitable blogs these days.. Some generate amounts of up to $100,000/month and beyond. Profitable they are. You as a blog owner probably need to do a few things differently in order to get the most out of your internet marketing techniques and take a few steps to increase search engine rankings, make more money and have it run on autopilot.

Having a well defined anchor text using a keyword is a smart way to increase search engine rankings. But search engine rankings isn't the only way to get free traffic. See, there is a lot of traffic to be gained from RSS submit, which is an RSS syndication software. You can also get a lot of traffic from socialbookmarking sites and more.

You should always "sub-niche" your internet marketing blog. Doing "traffic", or "articles", or maybe "eBay marketing" is a good way to "sub-niche" your sites. It's not at all difficult to sub-niche and it's far more profitable since you WON'T be burried hundreds of miles down in the 46th page of Google!

It's important to "niche within the internet marketing niche" if you want to dominate search engines. It's that simple to generate income, once it's set up. Don't make the mistake of targeting "make money", "make easy money" or "make money online" first time around or you'll be quite disappointed =). Instead use keyword research tools and gain massive leverage over your competition who is guessing what we search for.

Let's say we are in the sub-niche "traffic generation". After doing keyword research and finding your competition using "link:" in Yahoo for the top 10-20 results or using a research tool you'll need to record all the data and find a sub-niche-long-tail-keyword. Let's say it's "increase search engine traffic", which is a very legit word that I've researched before.

Now when you have a topic and a keyword it's time to create a domain name that has similar or an exact name of the keyword. So "" would be ideal for "increase search engine traffic". You can go as far as doing "", but I like the dashes. For search engine rankings, I personally haven't seen it matter.

Now you write relevant content about "increase search engine traffic" in your blog. Simple? Yes, but you also need about 10-20 keywords more to start writing articles just like this one. When you have done that, post them on various article directories online and see traffic, rankings and profits pouring in!

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