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Leads Can Be a Powerful Way to Build Your Business

Leads can also be a powerful way to build a business if you’re in a remote, rural area; house-bound; living out of the country, but with computer access; if your only free hours are in the middle of the night. . . You get the idea.

This won't be as expensive as you think it might be, because I'm going to tell you not to get a whole lot. The days are gone when you can buys lots of inexpensive leads, plug them into an email AutoResponder system and have them blast out to people. SPAM regulations mean it is no longer possible to just upload a huge list of people into a system and start sending emails. Most of them require that the system sends out a confirmation email to make sure the person actually requested to receive emails from you.

So what do you do? You buy quality leads that you will be able to call or send an E-card to in a quick period of time to take advantage of their freshness. That might be 25 or 50; it might be 100. Don’t get so many you can’t work with them efficiently. You can always order more.

You may also want to go together with some people on your team and order some. Even people who are terrified of the phone can use to succeed with leads!

So how do you find the best leads? We’re not going to recommend one company over the other. There are many good ones. Try several, and you be the judge! To start - you can do an online search for: MLM Leads

I am including an article here that was written by Doug Firebaugh. He gives some great information and this will be a good place for you to begin your research!


MLM Leads. . . That is a sound of music to my ears. Why? I worked MLM Leads for nearly 8 years, and had great success with them. That is why I have a pretty good understanding of what really makes a good MLM Lead, and what does not.

In the pursuit of finding these top 15 Network Marketing Lead companies, there were some requirements and considerations that went into the mix. An MLM lead is only part of the MLM Lead Success Formula. There were 5 things that we looked at when we were considering MLM Lead Companies.

What are they?

1) Quality of the MLM lead.

Quality of lead is everything. There are some great looking websites out there that look totally rocking, but we found that the quality of leads when we called them, were less than what you should expect in an MLM lead.

Beautiful site, great looking logo, lousy leads.

That is why we actually had people order leads, and we called them. We called more than one bunch of leads as well. This at least would give us a feeling of consistency or lack of it. The MLM Lead companies we chose were highly consistent in quality of lead, and people who truly were looking for a business. It took us 7 months to complete the research on MLM leads.

2) Training of working the MLM Leads.

Many of the beautiful sites offered no type of ongoing training, and that was something that really needs to be a part of any good MLM leads programs. There were some that had online training, as well as CDs and training series you could purchase. That was good, but the ongoing live training was the best idea, and we found many MLM leads Companies that did just that.

Training also includes scripts, handling objections, presentation, following up, closing, and other MLM leads topics. There are some HOT MLM leads sites out there that truly delivered on this quality of MLM leads training.

3) MLM Leads Support.

The support factor was key. Once the MLM leads were purchased, was there somehow support in case of need? Most had email support, some had live phone support, and some had live instant message support. There were sites that offered no support, and if you had a challenge with your MLM leads, then good luck.

The support should be somehow resolving issues that arise, including bad MLM leads, wrong numbers or emails, and general problems. The MLM Leads companies we found that were the best, had a support system. And some type of guarantee also should be part of the network marketing lead program.

4) Targeted MLM leads.

Many companies had different types of targeted MLM leads, including company specific, live TV leads, local leads, gender specific, product specific, area code specific, among others. Targeted MLM leads are the favorite of the Networkers I talked to, as it gives people a more focused lead, and a more targeted impact.

5) Pricing of the MLM leads.

This was a huge factor in determining many people''s decision to buy. But to be blunt, you get what you pay for. There are many cheap network marketing home business lead companies with cheap leads, but here is a warning:

Be careful. You get what you pay for.

Ask if you can try maybe 15-20 leads to see if they are worth the money. Many companies give free network marketing leads away to try.

Understand that a great MLM lead may cost you several dollars, and rightfully so.


An MLM lead purchase is NOT a purchase, but an investment in your business. One good MLM lead can produce tens of thousands of dollars in volume and revenues. If you understand that, then the pricing should not be as important as the quality and training of the Network marketing lead company.

And of course, REPUTATION had a lot to do with the selection as well. Some companies that came across really well, when checked on, did not have a very good reputation for MLM Leads and service.


What are the Top 15 MLM lead Companies? (They are in no particular order, as all are really good as far as our research would tell us.)

Do your OWN DUE DILIGENCE before you purchase, but these we found are pretty strong as all scored well in the above areas of requirement.

1) Cutting Edge Media



4) LeadsLab MLM leads

5) Leaders Club MLM leads

6)Traffic Oasis (Need a referral source for this one)

7) Fast MLM Leads

8) Pro MLM Leads

9) NPros (Company specific mlm leads)

10) Jungle Leads

11) Optimized Leads

12) Laser Leads

13) Leads Lists

14) MLM

There ARE other good MLM lead companies out there, depending on what you are looking for. But these we found as far as research, were the better ones, and some were beyond exceptional.

MLM leads are a great source of NEW BLOOD for your business. You can find Gold mine after Gold mine, in a good Network marketing lead and great MLM Leads.

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