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Overcoming Prospect Objections

When you talk to prospects about your products and opportunity do you notice that some people just won't get started even when you answer all of their so-called objections?

These people are the skeptics and no amount of talking and arguing with them will ever get them started. So how do you overcome someone's skepticism?

Excellent question and the answer to that question is: you don't. Yep, you read right. You actually don't say anything to overcome their objection. What you do do though, is get them testimonies from other people about your product or testimonies about the company and opportunity from others who are involved with it.

Now when you are talking to someone who is interested in getting started with you and joining your team but are hesitant and reserved about jumping right in and getting started right away. What you need to do is provide your prospect with some third party validation about the company and opportunity because nothing that you can say will overcome their skepticism.

This is why gathering testimonials from your customers, and fellow team members is so crucial.

The reason testimonials are so important is because it shows your prospect that other people who aren't trying to "sell" them something have taken the "chance" and have tried your products or gotten involved with your opportunity. This gives your prospect peace of mind in knowing that they aren't the only ones trying and/or doing this, and that others have been there, but most importantly have had positive experiences.

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